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horay!! Nokia Next Mobile Project! P2P in mobile?

phew! today got from special invitation from Nokia to the Beta trial of MOSH. sound goOD!. anyway here the “isi perut email tersebut” be proud to be beta test.

leave your email addrs in comment box for invitation link 🙂

registers count in 2 hours: 1945 users!.

Mobilize and Share

An Open Letter to the Forum Nokia Community

I’m writing to invite you to a private beta of MOSH, our new user-generated content platform designed specifically for use with any mobile device.

Forum Nokia is providing resources and channels for developers to help drive their success in the market. Our landscape is expanding; we have seen an influx of content innovators seeking tools and channels to express themselves and and a strong push from the community overall to share their content via mobile.

Now obviously the Web has opened up these types of avenues but there has not been a service in the industry that is dedicated to delivering a platform designed for producers of all kinds — from software apps to images to sound and video — made expressly for mobile. It’s time for something new.

This is why we at Forum Nokia built MOSH (“MObilize and SHare”) for you. Following the tradition of programs we’ve hosted before within Forum Nokia, MOSH is a grand experiment for us: a platform that puts unprecedented power in the hands of mobile users. Regardless of your mobile device’s manufacturer or make, MOSH enables you to create, collect and share your content and applications in a community setting.

And that’s it. This is the part where we turn the keys over to you.

Beginning August 9, we’re inviting only you and your fellow Forum Nokia members to sign up for our private beta. Just visit, enter the password ******, and register. After that, MOSH is all yours.

As we’ll be in an early beta stage, I’d love to get your feedback to help evolve the service. By the Fall, we’ll be adding all sorts of tools, allowing people to create content on the site itself, along with some other surprises.

We’re excited to have you along at this early stage in MOSH’s development. Let me know what you think of it!


Lee Epting
Vice President Forum Nokia

You have received this e-mail as a special invitation from Nokia to the Beta trial of MOSH. Read the MOSH Privacy Policy.

August 9, 2007 - Posted by | Nokia

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